Afghanistan news: Latest on blasts reported outside Kabul airport πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said the two explosions that took place near Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport should serve as a β€œreminder to Americans that when it comes to war, it’s not just one side that can decide if they want that war to end.”

Kinzinger said members of Congress were in a briefing this week and β€œwere warned of this exact threat.” The blasts happened near one of the entry gates of the airport and appear to be suicide attacks, according to three US officials.

He said that while β€œthere’s no good answer to this,” if President Biden does not respond to the explosions, it could embolden terrorist groups.

β€œI think if the President does not respond where he can, if the President does not follow through on the commitment β€” even though this is going to slow up the evacuation β€” to get every American out, and the promises we have made to our Afghan partners, the view of us not responding after this attack and then fleeing from the Kabul airport, I think, will do a lot to embolden those that now have an easy way to go out and recruit other radicals to fight the United States of America and our partners,” said Kinzinger, an Air Force pilot who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

β€œThe fact is there are people that no matter how much we want to go home, they want to kill us. We either fight them there or we’ll fight them here,” Kinzinger added.

β€œThe Taliban have acted like they’re going to secure the perimeter [of the airport]. They obviously did not. So I think there’s a case for the United States to make that we are not leaving until all Americans and all the Afghans that are SIVs that we’ve promised are safe, and we will go outside of the gate to get them if necessary,” he said.

Kinzinger said the Biden administration should double-down on intelligence in place to monitor threats.

β€œIf we leave now without following through on our mission and our commitment to Americans and our Afghan partners, that will actually do more damage than any suicide bomb did today,” he said.

Afghanistan news: Latest on blasts reported outside Kabul airport

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