Infrastructure and spending bill negotiations: Live updates 💥💥💥

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks at her weekly press briefing on Capitol Hill on October 28. (Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the text of the spending bill framework will be “up for review” in the House Rules Committee, which is set to meet at 3 p.m. ET.

“The text is up for review — for consideration for review… This is the legislative process. And right now, today, we’ll have a hearing. They’ll hear from our chairman about the greatness of the Build Back Better initiative and it’s pretty exciting,” Pelosi told reporters during a news conference.

Pelosi added, “We had said for a long time now, if we had a framework that had our priorities spelled out clearly and agreed to, that added up to a top line — start with the priorities and added up to the top line, which was the limit. The priorities I mentioned, the top line, $1.75 (trillion), approximately, and the commitment that we would have the same bill pass the House and the Senate. That’s what we have now. That’s what the President presented. And we won’t have anything regardless of whatever input we have in the bill unless it is agreed to by the Senate.”

Pelosi noted, “We’re on the path to get this done. But for those who said, ‘I want to see text.’ The text is there for you to review, complain about, for you to add to, subtract from, whatever it is, and we’ll see what consensus emerges from that, but we’re very much on a path… We’re on a path to get this all done.”

Infrastructure and spending bill negotiations: Live updates

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