Kamila Valieva won’t feature in medal ceremonies despite being cleared to compete, says IOC πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

File photo of the World Anti-Doping Agency headquarters in Montreal. (Marc Braibant/AFP/Getty Images)

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has said it is “disappointed” at the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s (CAS) decision to clear Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva to compete at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

CAS announced its decision following an hours-long hearing on Sunday, saying in a statement it had decided Valieva, 15, should be allowed to compete due to “exceptional circumstances,” including specific provisions linked to her status as a “protected person” under the World Anti-Doping Code because she is a minor.

Having initially appealing the case to CAS alongside the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Skating Union (ISU), WADA reacted to the news Valieva would be able to continue competing in Beijing.

“While WADA has not received the reasoned award, it appears that the CAS panel decided not to apply the terms of the Code, which does not allow for specific exceptions to be made in relation to mandatory provisional suspensions for ‘protected persons,’ including minors.

“Concerning the analysis of the athlete’s sample, WADA always expects Anti-Doping Organizations to liaise with the laboratories in order to ensure they expedite the analysis of samples so that the results are received prior to athletes traveling to or competing in a major event, such as the Olympic or Paralympic Games and, where applicable, conduct results management of the cases related to such athletes.

“According to information received by WADA, the sample in this case was not flagged by RUSADA as being a priority sample when it was received by the anti-doping laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. This meant the laboratory did not know to fast-track the analysis of this sample.

“As previously announced, under the terms of the Code, when a minor is involved in an anti-doping case, there is a requirement to investigate that athlete’s support personnel. RUSADA has already indicated it has begun that process. In addition, WADA’s independent Intelligence and Investigations Department will look into it.”

Meanwhile, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) called the situation “extremely unfortunate and sad for the athletes.”

Canada finished fourth in the team event which the Russian Olympic Committee team won and which Valieva was a part of.

“The COC is fully committed to clean sport and we firmly believe that no one involved in doping or other corrupt practices has a place in the Olympic Movement,” Tricia Smith, President of the COC, said in a statement.

Smith added: β€œWhile the COC was not permitted to be formally involved in the CAS appeal process, we have been following the details of the case closely and doing what we can to ensure the protection of the interests of Canadian figure skating athletes and all clean athletes. While we trust that the CAS decision was the result of a fair process, we are extremely disappointed with this result.”

Kamila Valieva won’t feature in medal ceremonies despite being cleared to compete, says IOC

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